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English Unpacked

Pre Inter Grammar Course 

Word order in questions – introducing the two main types of questions

NEF Pre Inter - Mod 1A - SB - Who's who

NEF Pre Inter - Mod 1A - TB - Grammar practice 

Put the word or phrase in the right place in the question

How (old) are you?

1 you going to go out this evening?
2 Where does your work?
3 What music are you listening?
4 Does finish at 08:00?
5 Why you write to me?
6 Do you often come to the cinema?
7 What this word mean?
8 What time did arrive?





(the class)




(your friends)

Put the words in the right order to make questions


You live where do?                                       Where do you live?

1 you a do have car?
2 older is brother your you than?
3 often he how to write does you?
4 this time start does what class?
5 last go where you summer did?
6 languages how you many do speak?
7 see you are going to evening her this?
8 for waiting who you are?