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English Unpacked

Pre Inter Course 

Word order in questions – introducing the two main types of questions


Present simple


Present continuous


Prepositions of place


Comparison of present simple and continuous


Relative clauses


Past simple


Regular and irregular verbs


Past continuous


Comparison of past simple and continuous


Revision of questions – focusing on with and without auxiliaries


So, because, but, and although


Revision of irregular verbs in past


Present perfect simple


Comparison of present perfect and past simple


Just, yet and already


Present perfect continuous


Comparison on present perfect continuous and past continuous




Superlatives – inc present perfect


Future – going to


Future – will – predictions


Future – will - promises


Future with present continuous


Revision of all tenses


Verb patterns – with infinitive


Verb patterns – with ing


Have to / don’t have to


Prepositions of movement


First conditional


Second conditional


Modal verbs – may / might – possibility


Modal verbs – should / shouldn’t


Present perfect – for and since


Used to


Passive voice


Something, anything, nothing


Quantifiers – countable / uncountable


Phrasal verbs


So / neither + auxiliaries


Past perfect


Reported speech

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