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travel and deal with native English speakers.

Welcome to My Blog!

The English teacher who travels

Now that I’ve said hello to the world, it’s time to get talking. I haven't been an English teacher all my life, but it seems that these days we can have more than one life. In this section of my life I spend my time teaching and travelling. This blog will include a selection of both. I believe that we learn best when we really have a need, and when you travel you need to communicate. Here I will talk about my travels and the communication issues I have along the way. I'll make the mistakes so you don't have to ;)

Joanna and Lucie are facing the camera and there is a signpost behind them showing how far it is to the next viewpoint
Lucie and I in the Slovakian Tatras


I rarely travel alone as I like to be able to enjoy the whole experience with other people. However, most of my friends are not native English speakers. This can be an advantage but can also lead to some mad confusions along the way. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Joanna is holding up a page of A4 with cricket info while the students are watching a cricket game on a laptop screen
Trying to explain cricket in a class


I now teach exclusively online. This actually gives us all a lot of more freedom. We can be in completely different parts of the world, yet still be in contact. The advancements of the internet and software means that we can still have an interactive experience. These days the web is much more than just reading static pages. We can share videos, audio, whiteboards and play games as part of our language learning. I love technology and will always be pushing for a more enjoyable learning experience for everyone.

Ciao for now

I'm ending this blog post now as I have a plane to catch!

I'm headed back to the UK today.

Tell me which technology helps you learn...

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